Monday, November 30, 2009

The Cell Phone Store

What happened to your phone? You ran over it with your car. Oh, yeah, it kind of looks like something big hit it. Lady, I really don’t think it can be fixed. When four thousand pounds smashes something this small there isn’t much we can do.
You say we fixed your last phone. Gee, I knew you looked familiar. You’re the lady that was in here last month with a broken phone. I know we fixed it, but lady, that time you only drowned it in a coffee cup! That was an easy one.
No, I can’t give you another free phone for at least three months. I’m sorry lady. I know it’s hard to run a business without a phone. Let me see what I can do. Maybe I can give you a loaner until we can get you a new one.
I’m sorry it’s so small and harder to use then the other one, but it’s only a loaner. No I can’t get your address book into this phone. I know I put your phone book in the new one last month, but you only dropped it in a coffee cup. Look at this one, it’s smashed to bits and won’t turn on.
Please, lady, stop crying. Can’t you re-enter your phone numbers? Oh, they’re business numbers, and you don’t have them. Maybe if I can find your phone’s serial numbers, and your password , I could do something.
Okay I have the serial number on our computer. What is your password? You’ll have to call your husband, because it’s really his phone
Your husband wants to talk to me, Ok.
“Mister, please stop screaming and swearing at me, I didn’t run over your phone! Your wife said, I won’t fix it. If you’ll give me your password I may be able to help. What, you’re going to come down here and beat me up! Please just give me your pass word. Klunk! He hung up. What’s wrong with your husband, lady? Lady, Lady! Where did she go?
Ring, ring, ring. Hello, The Cell Phone Store. What you found your password. What is it?

Charlene Wexler

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